October 1 marks the International Music Day. The cause was initiated by the former president of the International Music Council, violinist Mr Yehudi Menuhin in 1975 to promote musical culture. International Music Day puts musical art at the center of attention, thus encouraging to think about the importance of music and its place in modern life.

From 2013 on this day each year the Estonian Music Council organizes the International Music Day concert programme in Estonia. The concerts and side events aim to honor the connection between audience and live music, give insight into the multifaceted trades in the field, as well as hold music education in esteem.

The programme hosts free concerts all across Estonia, all counties covered. Next to traditional music venues, concerts are held in some of the most unexpected places – such as hospitals, shopping centers, public transport, airplane and farm among many others. In 2015 over 250 free concerts were staged, while last year more than 160 events were held.

2016 also saw the launch of the programme “Estonian Musician Abroad” where local talents that reside in foreign countries perform in cities across the globe. This year concerts abroad starring Estonian musicians will take place in London England, Vienna Austria, Berlin Germany, Tønsberg Norway and Miami USA.

Music Day culminates with the traditional Estonian Classical and Jazz Music Awards Ceremony, which is broadcasted live on Estonian Television.

This year, more than 750 musicians and 100 venues are putting their back into the Music Day concert programme. In the future, we hope to see International Music Day become a grand project celebrated all across Europe.